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"A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn."

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RAL's Lawn Maintenance Services


"A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn." 


RAL provides services to help improve the over-all health and beauty of your lawn. However, RAL Lawn & Shrub Care does NOT any lawn mowing or tree trimming, ect. With RAL you will receive programs tailored to your lawn's specific needs, and your budget. We can create customized treatment plans for your ornamental trees & shrubs, depending on the disease or pest that is plaguing them. And all applications are applied by professional licensed applicators.
RAL has a mission of providing you, our valued customer, high quality lawn care at reasonable prices. We can do this because we are minimizing the pesticide usage by spot treating the infested areas only. rather than blanket applying to your entire lawn. By staying true to that, we are making less of an impact on both our environment and our customers’ wallets. Helping to keep your property beautiful, because a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn.

Lawn Applications

Premium Pre-Emergent Fertilizer (Round 1)

Premium Pre-Emergent Crabgrass and Weed Controller with a Custom Blended Fertilizer. Applied in late March into earlier April.* This depends though on the weather

Weed & Feed (Round's 2 & 5)

Recommended for a large majority of lawns to keep it healthy and virtually weed free.
We use a custom blended fertilizer with micro nutrients. Micro nutrients help provide a healthier, deeper green lawn. We also use a premium broad-leaf herbicide, only where necessary, on this round, for weed control.
*Round 2 is applied in mid to late April into May, the second application is done in August.

Lawn Fertilizer w/Spot Surface Insecticide (Round 3)

Using our own Custom Blended Fertilizer, a Premium Broad Leaf Weed Control and a Surface Insecticide, where necessary. This helps to reduce the weeds and insects, so you can actually enjoy your lawn. *This is applied in June
This is also, Round 4 of  "The 7 App Program *This is applied in July. Helping to keep amount of occasional the weed and insect down. 

Fall Fertilization (Round 6 of "The 7 App Program")

Another, important dose of RAL's  Custom Blended Fertilizer and a Premium Broad Leaf Weed Control, where necessary to keep your root system strong going into the winter months.
This is highly recommended, not just to keep lawn healthy during fall but, for a healthier start the following Spring ,as well. 

Winter Fertilizer (Round 7 of "The 7 App Program")

An Application of Winter fertilizer is also highly recommended, for strong root growth during the long cold months and to promote a faster green-up in the Spring. We also apply another application of the Premium Broad-leaf Weed Controller, only where necessary.
(This is the final regularly scheduled application of the season, completed between mid-October and early November depending upon route/schedule, we are also preforming "Fall Core Aerifications", "Irrigation Winterizations", ect.)


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