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"A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn."

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Welcome To RAL Lawn & SHRUB Care

RAL's focus is on the health and "long-term” beauty of your lawn, trees and shrubs, rather than purely the aesthetics. 

With RAL you will receive programs tailored to your lawn's specific needs, and your budget. Where your ornamental trees and shrubs don’t just get ignored and left to fend for themselves. Instead they’ll get customized treatment plans depending on the disease or pest that is plaguing them. Applied by applicators who are fully licensed and certified by the State of Michigan in accordance with the state's strict regulations for the application of pesticides.


To provide high quality lawn care at reasonable prices, while minimizing pesticides usage by spot treating infested areas rather than blanket applying to your entire lawn. By staying true to the mission statement, we're making less of an impact on both our customers’ wallets and the environment, while helping to keep your property beautiful, because a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn.

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