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RAL offers a couple of options to make sure that these insects do NOT.

In the months of May and June beetles fly around, finding the nicest, healthiest of lawns to stop and lay their eggs.

Option #1 - Grub Preventative Add-On (Imidacloprid)
Applied the end of June- beginning of July, (with 3rd application of fertilizer.)

Using a Grub Preventative is a systemic product with a 90-95% kill rate. The insecticide is picked up by the plants root system and goes up through the plant and when eaten by newly hatched larvae they are killed before they can do damage your beautiful lawn.
This is the better AND less expensive for you, your lawn is kept healthy in general so you are not just keeping yourself from having a grub/beetle infestation and your lawn is consumed by these insects.

Option #2- Curative Grub Control Add-On (Dylox)*
Applied in September- November

 April-sometimes May

If it looks like someone went all over your yard poking holes with a pencil, which are from birds and such trying to feed on the grubs. Then your lawn is already showing signs of damage from a grub infestation.

We then will put down the Curative, Dylox, which kills the grubs which by then are already quite large.
This may need to be applied more than once and you may also need to do some over-seeding as well to restore the grass that has die off as a result of the infestation.

This can be done September through November catching them before they hibernate deep in the soil, preparing to destroy your lawn next year. 
Or April and sometimes May ,when hibernating grubs from last year awaken and start to feed.
*This service can not be pre-ordered, Dylox is only used as needed, when needed.
Because Dylox is a more toxic chemical  and more costly than preventative.
We highly recommend that if your lawn is prone to having grubs, that you sign up for the Grub Preventative. 

We are always happy to discuss any of our applications or answer any questions you have about your lawn. 

Just call us at 248-584-8533  and we will be out soon  help save your lawn.

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