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Core Aeration

Compacted soil is not unusual in regions of Michigan with clay soil. Lawns that have frequent foot traffic, especially those with a higher percentage of clay, would benefit from a yearly aeration to alleviate compaction.

The main reason for aerating is to alleviate compaction so that the root system of the grass can more freely obtain the elements needed to thrive. 

It is highly recommended that lawns with any amount of foot traffic get a Core Aeration at least once per year.

RAL Lawn and Shrub Care offers Core Aerification Service in the Spring and Fall. Call 248-584-3506


Core Aeration (also called Core Aerification) is the process of perforating (or punching out) small tubules, plugs or "Cores" of the soil. By  alleviating the compaction, your improving the oxygen and water movement, allowing  air, water and nutrients to penetrate deep down into the soil.  This makes for a lawn that's roots grow more deeply into the soil and produce a strong healthy grass that will be much less susceptible to excessive heat and fluctuations in available moisture.

Most core aerators are self-propelled machines with rotating hollow tines that push into the soil, removing plugs that are appox. an inch wide and about 2 to 4 inches long and the holes are spaced about 4-5 inches apart.


Spring or Fall Care Aeration? 

Spring is a great time to do a n aeration, helping to prevent fertilizer and pesticide applications from run-off due to overly compacted areas, which ensure you get the full effect from your lawn program.

After the heavy use from play, sports activities, pets, and even vehicle traffic or parking, in the Summer, resulting in your lawn's soil  to be very compacted. Making late Summer through early Fall an optimal time to aerate your lawn. The improved soil aeration will coincide well with the very active growth period for lawns in the Fall.


Whichever you choose, a Core Aeration is one of the best services you can do for the health of you lawn, helping it to stay disease free, while reducing stress and increasing its nutrient in take for a healthy beautiful lawn.

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