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Hi Welcome....

This is Amanda From RAL,today we are kicking off the New Blog for RAL. We would like it to be an informal, informational, interactive place for not only our clients but anyone who has a lawn...and basically and an interest and love of there lawn and nature and  well the Earth in general.We are going to post as often as we can and write useful posts. 

 With that in mind, I should let you know that I, Amanda, am NOT a writer by trade, nor an English major, or a "blogger" by trade. I am the owner, Roger A. Lakin's, (Executive) Assistant, Secretary, Customer Service Rep, (buddy, RAL's resident nagger a.k.a the only female) and about 10 other "administrative type-things" here at RAL. LoL I am also a 34 year old single mom, although that really has nothing to do with lawn fertilization or maintenance but, this paragraph IS about me. =)


Anyways, now you know who I am. (That female voice you hear if you call RAL)
If you do not already know who or what RAL is just CLICK HERE!  A pretty good read, if I do say so myself .
Even though it will let you know about "The Boss Man" himself, Roger A. Lakin, see where the RAL came from now?

Thank you for taking a look at the new Blog, took us long enough huh?

 The first few may be short forgive me...


.Coming Soon..

Lawn care tips and advice. 

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